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You’ll learn to:

  • Adopt an abundance mindset
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  • Allow yourself to make money and lead a balanced life
  • Implement the modules taught in the Real Estate MISSterclass

Here's what to expect

On Zoom:

Each month will address one specific Fear and will be structured with the goal to develop one skill to help you master your real estate business.

The first call is February 8 at 7pm eastern. Replay will be available.


In the Group:

The group is support to help you along your journey:

* On Mondays, we set and share intentions for the week.

The rest of the week, we share how things are going. This is where you can ask for support from me as well as the other women in the group.

Your Step-by-Step Real Estate Business Plan

Find Your Purpose

Why did you choose Real Estate? Discover what really drives you to stay motivated effortlessly.

Identify Your Audience

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Work with the people who fit and real estate becomes easy and fun.

Get Experience

Complete the exercises and gain valuable experience. Become an expert in your market, even if you don't have clients yet.

Systematize Your Business

Set your business up for success and minimize growing pains. Be prepared to handle all the clients who come your way.

You Can Become a Real Estate Success Story.

Be confident.

Make money.

Enjoy your life.

Create an easy breezy real estate business that makes you leap out of bed in the morning.

Every day you wait is a day you waste.

Create your real estate business today. Don't let your dreams pass you by.


"She breaks things down into easily understandable bite-size portions and has a real knack for making the theoretical practical. I signed on with Janis after working 10 years as a lawyer at a large international law firm. I could not be happier. Janis is a gifted teacher. Janis is also a wonderful mentor. Her advice is invaluable, always aimed at helping me ethically serve the best interests of my clients. Most of all, I love Janis’s philosophy about real estate. She has taught me how to integrate it into my every day life, how to make it a lifestyle rather than a job. For a busy mom with three small children and a real estate investing business, that is exactly what I need."

Sabrina - Real Estate Agent, mom of 3, investor

"I got into real estate so I could have time to spend with my daughter and to help pay for her riding lessons.

I loved the freedom, but after selling 2 houses, I hit a wall.

After taking Janis’ course I have a plan that brings me steady income and time with my daughter.

The one on one call was amazing! Within 30 seconds she gave me an idea for a plan to get leads that actually works. I hit my goal of selling one house per month for the last 4 months and get to be there for my daughter.

Maybe when she’s older, I will up my goal, but now I want to spend time with her. I have the skills I need to adapt my plan anytime I want."

Andrea- Real Estate Agent, mom, animal lover

I'm Janis.

You are unstoppable. You can have anything you want in this life. If real estate is part of your plan, the Real Estate MISSterclass was created for you.


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