Free Masterclass

7.12.22 I 6pm eastern

So you wanna be a house flipper?

Watching HGTV and taking a trip to Home Depot might be fun, but it doesn't qualify you to bet your life savings on real estate.

I want you to become wealthy, and investing in Real Estate is one of the fastest ways to financial freedom, but it is complicated.

I've had my Real Estate license since the 1900's, and I also founded a Real Estate Academy, so I know my stuff.

Not to mention I've been investing for a long time, AND I almost went bankrupt from one bad deal.

Register for my free masterclass. I'll show you how to:

  • Choose the right investment strategy for YOU.
  • Avoid the costly mistakes that can bankrupt you.
  • The simple formula to price your property right.


Meet Janis.

Janis is a real estate broker and instructor and believes that we are all unstoppable. Her focus is on empowerment through real estate education. She knows that the fastest way to create wealth is through real estate. Whether you are an investor, agent or homeowner, she has the information you need to help you achieve your real estate goals. Her personable approach, humor and vast experience in the industry make her one of the most sought out educators in the field.